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About Us

Urban Jungle Survival Insight

The Urban Jungle Survival Store delivers military-grade survivalist and emergency preparedness merchandise, UJS branded apparel, books, other media, public speakers, threat assessments, survivalist training and retreats. 

Urban Jungle Survival is owned, operated and by retired career U.S. Military Officers with a legacy of service to America. 

When you shop or train with us you are receiving the best insight, instruction and military grade merchandise in the survivalist business from elite U.S. Military Special forces including :

3-Star and 4-Star U.S. Marine Corps Generals, U.S. Navy Commanders, U.S. Navy Seals, Special Forces and other high level survival and intelligence operatives.

Fail To Prepare. Prepare For Failures and Fatalities. 

Get Wise. Transcend The Urban Jungle. Survive And Thrive.